Partnership & Sponsorship Opportunities

Partnership & Sponsorship Opportunities

Dear potential long-term official partner / sponsor,

The International Science And Football Association (ISAFA)* is at the edge of colossal development with events and enterprising activities in different parts of the globe. 2017 has witnessed the ISAFA entering the 1.7 billion people’s market, China by organising its first event in Ningbo City This will be surely followed by other similar ones in the near future and also at the longer term.

The ISAFA will continue to:

  1. Organize sustainable and regular innovative educational events worldwide
  2. Training future football fitness coaches armed with the latest science-based knowledge
  3. Provide professional development opportunities for individuals and communities

We aim to offering a global networking stage to interested individuals within professional football career who could take it at their levels and affect societies and other end users.

All our events are well publicized and covered by different local and international medias. Our social network reaches 28 countries so far and is growing up ever since we are established worldwide. We are expecting a significant boom in reaching out more people more often via the above-mentioned markets. In addition, our visibility is boosted via our Newsletter Magazine that has been launched the 15th February 2017. The newsletter is published online and via our social network, hence more visibility.

We are attracting long-term official partners (or sponsors) from corporates, institutions and/or establishments, where synergic benefits could be sought from each side.

Highlighted below are several key opportunities that we offer to our partners.

We look forward to working together


Prof. Monèm Jemni


                                           * Powered by the International Science And Football Academy Ltd, London, UK.



The below options aim to setting-up a long-term official partnership / sponsorship between the ISAFA and a corporate / establishment / institution. Open to suggestions


The ISAFA offers

Visibility, Prestige and Promotion:

Prestigious partnership with the unique leading association gathering academic institutions, scientists, coaches, fitness professionals and students from around the globe

More credits and credibility to your institution via working with different scientists from the ISAFA board members representing 28 countries.

Your institution will be mentioned at the press ceremonies of our events worldwide.

Your institution will be mentioned at the conferences openings with VIPs attending the events that will be mediatized via the visual, audio and written medias.

The right to sponsor awards during our events (Football Media award, Football Fitness Coach award and Young Investigators awards, etc).

The right to sponsor guests and invited persons

Naming rights to appear as main sponsor of our events.

Active link on our website

Recognition in the events materials received by all delegates

Your institution will be offered the best exhibition site during the events

Recognition on the outfit to be offered to our tutors / speakers

Your institution could insert promotional / marketing items in the conference/event bag

Your institution logo to be integrated in the promotional activities/announcements of our events (Workshop and Congress), including webpage and conference programme, media, etc

Your institution could invite a speaker to take part in the scientific programme of our conferences


A three-years partnership contract that could be renewed.

Contribution to the development of the future generations who will be working in the football sectors armed with science background worldwide.

Your institution logo will be included in the book of abstracts that will be published with a unique ISBN code for international recognition

Your Contribution

A yearly financial contribution as Official Partner for 3-years term contract: 10.000 Stirling Pounds / year

Any donation in kind to the local volunteers (students) and organizers of our events worldwide.

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